Reading Medium Stories Made me Write Less

I enjoy reading on Medium. I enjoyed writing on Medium. The big blank space was designed to allow me to brain dump without worrying about the “blogging” details and just get my stories down. All Good.

Well until you start engaging in reading on Medium, which is turning into a high brow version of BuzzFeed.

10 things you MUST do to be successful
Why everyone is doing X, and why it is wrong
How to be more productive TODAY.

How did so many people get so wise so sudden? It is just writing looking for eyes and to make it to the top stories on Medium so they can I dunno, say they did it?

These types of stories stalled and paralyzed my writing and my telling of simple stories because I felt the pressure to write something that would be HIGH impact on others. Shame on me.

Today, I am going to start doing what I came here to do. Write down my thoughts. Things that are not appropriate to be on my business website/blog. I am going to write for me.