Spotify and Starbucks

Starbucks + Spotify — What is Missing

I spend hours a week in different Starbucks around town. My Guess is you do too. And if you are like me you have your nose in your laptop and earpods in your ears.

So Starbuck recently updated their app (which I like) that shows music playing and links you out to a Spotify playlist. The idea is you can see what is playing, vote for songs and listen to the playlist when you leave the store. But you know what is missing?

I want to hear the playlist in my headphones!

So what is so difficult about this? I would be interested in listening to the in store music but with my headphones so I can drown out that mom that brought in her 3 year old to have a mommy date. Or that sales dude that is giving his pitch a little too loud. Is that too much to ask?

Kudos to Starbucks Coffee for looking for ways to increase my customer experience but please consider adding the ability to plug my headphones into my iphone and rock out to the same playlist playing in the store. I think that could be really powerful and cool.

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