The uncomfortable state of being Asian in tech
Tracy Chou

Hi Tracy,

What’s an Asian? Please don’t take offense. I mean no harm but want to make a serious point.

Natives of South Asia are primarily caucasians as we were informed many times in the 1950’s when we visited India. We had never asked.

When we ate in a Japanese restaurant once, we asked our daughter-in-law what might be the origin of the very fair-skinned staff.

When Danni asked in her native Mandarin, the waitress was surprised. She said the staff had guessed Danni was Japanese or maybe Korean because of her dark skin. The staff was all from Quangdong Province.

At least none mentioned were the largely ethnically cleansed Saami from Lapland like my mother’s mother. The children of refugees from Finland are seldom told about their dreasd indigenous ancestors.

I surely understand your problem but that atrociously misleading color line conceals far more than it reveals.

We are very glad you are here and hope the country becomes more welcoming.

Best, Terry