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If only Rev. Barber could let go of his own racism.

Yeah, I know, asking an enormous change but Nelson Mandela in far more extreme circumstances never allowed himself to be racist.

Well, there was only one Mandela ever, an incomparably great man.

A deficit in skin pigmentation causes the imaginary white race [caucasian and/or European only to the bigots and misinformed] makes unfortunates subject to dread diseases like melanoma and painful sunburns while a small segment of darker-skinned people who choose to call themselves blacks makes it important to get out of the steel canyons occasionally and beware of mindless bigotry more than the pasty-faced folk. The obsolescent caucasian categorization of humans contained far more South Asians and North Africans than Europeans and would probably include Barack Obama just like it did Jesse Owens destroyer of Hitler’s “supermen in ’36 Olympics and perhaps Rev. Barber himself.

That’s about it.

Only a Nelson Mandela can change the world and one might guess even he had to first change himself.

Best, Terry