Week of 4/3/17 Recap

Biggest challenge we faced: Finalizing packaging mockups so we can provide direction for our packaging vendors and allow ample time for them to finalize samples, complete production, and ensure on-time, on-budget delivery for September launch.

How we’re overcoming this challenge: At first, I had tasked Nick with finalizing our packaging. In retrospect, I learned that this was an impossible task because we had yet to fully define our brand/visual identity. This is akin to asking an architect to design the living room of a house without having a finalized blueprint/foundation of the entire house.

As a result, we’ve engaged our creative partner to work with us and define our brand/visual identity. Although this adds more work than previously expected, I see this as a clear “take one step back to take 3 steps forward” approach. Once we lay the foundation, we’ll be able to move quickly on physical manifestations of the brand (i.e. packaging, web design, etc.) and ensure consistency across the board.

Key Wins:

Please note: I’ve removed the names to ensure confidentiality and trust among people we work with so we don’t jeopardize their position in any way.


  • Met with Shannaz Schopfer, who is a former beauty/skincare founder and current consultant/SVP of BD for Anisa. Shannaz is an expert when it comes to all things skincare and has advised multiple brands on brand, product development, and marketing. She’s amazing!
  • Finalized a project to work with Sarah Brown, who is the former Beauty Director of Vogue. Sarah is revered in the beauty/fashion industry, and she’s going to work with me and provide feedback on our brand positioning, products, packaging, and launch strategy. It’ll be incredibly valuable to get honest feedback from an editor’s perspective.


  • Met with Steve Weiss, who is Founder of MuteSix, one of the best digital marketing agencies around. Steve is a friend and someone who continues to go above and beyond in offering his insight and advice as we build our brand.
  • Met with Jake Kassan, who is Founder of MVMT Watches and one of our investors, to discuss FB paid marketing strategy. Jake is a savant when it comes to marketing and building a brand that resonates with a targeted consumer base. What he and Kramer have done to build and scale MVMT over the last few years is nothing short of incredible.


  • Met with Stu Leung, who is VP of Operations at Flexport and one of our advisors, to review/update our budget. Stu is a close friend and someone who has been instrumental in our progress since early on.


  • Met with David Yi, who is Founder of Very Good Light and formerly at Mashable and Condé Nast. David created Very Good Light, a men’s beauty and grooming publication targeted at Gen Z and Millennials, and he has a keen understanding of this consumer. We’ve got a lot of mutual friends and similar passions, so this was a great chat.
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