How To Get Privacy Online

Tech companies used to be the shining examples of freedom and success. We looked up to tech CEO’s. They had paved the way to better connections between friends, great new services, and free access to services online. Everyone loved it.

Since then, we’ve heard more and more about privacy violations, private data sold to third parties, and various ways that our favorite tech companies use our own data in ways that we didn’t expect. The more we learn, the less benign the tech companies get. If you want to get your privacy back, there are ways to opt out of…

If you have spent much time reading about privacy online, you must have read about virtual private networks (VPN). They may be the best way for an individual to quickly protect her data and privacy at home and on the go.

But no privacy system is completely secure. Even the biggest corporations with cybersecurity engineers can’t protect themselves all the time. What about a VPN? Can a VPN be hacked?

What Is A VPN?

Here’s the quick answer to that question. A virtual private network is a security system that hides your internet traffic from nosey neighbors. It does this by creating an encrypted…

Terry Johnson

Terry Johnson is a pen name

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