Musings of an Erstwhile Republican about the 2016 Election and What Really Makes America Great
Jon Mott

Dear Sir: To the 1% who own about 75% of everything, things in Amrika are just fine. You should try being a lawyer, vainly trying to get elected and appointed Judges to follow things like the Constitution. You would be less of an optimist, truly.

Please recall Ms. Marie Antonette’s: “Let them eat cake…” The corporate owned media gave us: “Gay Marriage, Abortion, Guns and now Women’s never ending struggle for equality…” as the “cake” to keep busy with and occupy our energy so that the Congress WE elected can spend all their time “fund raising…” And… spon-sore-ing Corporate Written Legislation by election donors. The Donald is just a symptom to the above, not the cause. Ms. Clinton, will perpetuate the “properness” of the Presidency… while giving us some crumbs from the table. As a life long Democrat, I can no longer support a proper looking/acting President promising just more of the same. The least-worst gets rammed down our gullets!

Ask the Phillip-e-ans about how much their President gives a damn about Decorum? I am not voting for the DONALD… but I actually hope he gets enough votes to scare THEM.

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