To old school professional wrestling fans, the Oscars snafu was a little familiar, as it reminded of the “Dusty Finish,” named after the late legend Dusty Rhodes. In a Dusty Finish, the fan favorite (often Dusty) would beat a bad guy champion for the title, only to have another referee or official run in to overturn the decision based on some technicality, during the celebrating. The Dusty Finish was used to give everyone something to cheer about for a little while. The Rock was even in attendance at ringside on Sunday. When used sparingly, the Dusty Finish boosted business, because people would want to see what happened next and this would help sell tickets for a rematch. In terms of future shows, I would not recommend the Oscars doing this again for some time, however. It became known as the “Dusty Finish” in the first place because Dusty used it so many times that the people got wise.