Guys, check in with the girls and women you love.
Ali L

Important story to read, and share, on so many levels. Women know Donald Trump; we’ve had him as our bosses (in my case, a senior partner urging me to dump my husband, harassing me daily), as our family members and then, as we pass what I call ‘go,’ (meaning I’m left alone) as we aged into our 50’s; when we became simply invisible in work and social settings. And these men, these horrible men…were promoted and provided all of the accolades that society’s winners have traditionally been accorded.

Meanwhile, Hillary’s facial expressions, work ethic, and hairstyles have been examined exhaustively and always found wanting. And did she say something negative about the women who dallied with her husband? The woman who is blamed for always being ‘mechanical’ and ‘scripted?’ I damn well hope so!

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