What is Twitter?

There has been a lot of industry buzz about Twitter. Sometimes we become so immersed in our online marketing sector where we’re always looking to adopt early, that we forget that the absolute vast majority of people, in effect our clients or target audience, haven’t got a clue what Twitter is; how to use it or what value it has. Hopefully I’ll answer a few of those questions right here.


Twitter is what’s is rather sweetly known as a ”micro blogging platform”. Sounds rather twee doesn’t it? Effectively it takes SMS sensibilities and applies it to blogging. So with Twitter, you have a restricted number of characters, 140, for each post that you make, similar to the concise nature of SMS. The idea being that you compose your thought into a very neat package of commentary or wisdom. And Twitter is blog-a-like in that your posts are displayed sequentially with the most recent first. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Twitter is the ability to choose who you follow, whose Tweets (an individual Twitter post) you consume And conversely, other people can choose to follow your Tweets. In effect you can go some way to customising your conversation. By choosing those whose opinion you respect, you can get a short cut to the foremost thinking in your sector. Assuming they use Twitter of course. And as we are in the digital media sector, most of the people whose thinking we value tend to use Twitter. For example, we would certainly recommend that you follow.


At its most rudimentary, Twitter has a web interface that you can use via a Browser. Realistically though, this is an awkward way of using Twitter. The browser takes up a lot of desktop real estate and really doesn’t have the tools built into it that starts to make Twitter useful. You’ll find a lot of people use Twitter or very similar applications such as Twitterific for the MAC. These deploy more a chat/instant messenger interface which can fade into the background on the desktop. The client becomes unobtrusive when you’re not using it, yet remains available, picking up the Tweets of those you follow by regularly polling Twitter. Twitter can also be narrowcast as opposed to broadcast. You can choose to send a message directly to one person. You can also reply to direct message or broadcast messages and so engaging conversations may follow. Twitter is also usable via mobile devices. You can choose to receive and SMS on your mobile when certain people Tweet. Obviously you want to be careful about who you choose to follow via this method as you don’t want to be receiving and SMS that have little relevance to you while you are out and about. You can also access the Twitter website via a mobile browser friendly version.

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