EtherDelta Listing Policy Announcement

Until the end of our Token Generation Event(TGE), we will temporarily stop listing new tokens. After the ICO,

we will resume the listing service. In order to oversee and regulate the creditability of any project token that will be listed on EtherDelta, We have made the following decisions.

1: Token/ETH Trading Pair Option

1: Any new project that wishes to be listed on EtherDelta, with this option, must have an equivalent amount of EDT tokens to 0.1% ~ 3% of the project’s total market value at the time of listing serving as escrow deposit (the exact amount is subject to discussion by both parties).

2: The escrow period required is 3~6 months and the escrowed EDT tokens will be unlocked when the escrow is over. The escrow is enacted through Smart Contract and the project team is responsible for the entire process, and including securing the project’s official wallet and its private key.

3: When the escrow is ended, the project party will decide what they will do with the unlocked EDT tokens, EtherDelta will not interfere.

4: EtherDelta will monitor the escrow process enforced properly by the project team, If the project fails to compile with the escrow process, EtherDelta reserves the right to either issue warnings or delist the project token anytime.

5: Listing application, with this option, can be approved within 3 business days.

6: This policy is not required for any tokens that has already been listed on EtherDelta.

2: Token/EDT Trading Pair Option

1: All ERC-20 tokens based on the Ethereum Network can apply for listing on EtherDelta with this option.

2: This option does not require any project examination and the listing application can be approved within 3~5 business days.

3: This option neither has minimum requirements nor will it require EDT token escrow.

4: For all tokens already listed on EtherDelta, we will provide this option as a bonus.

To inquire further details about token listing on EtherDelta, please contact: *(we accept both English or Chinese language)

EtherDelta reserves the right to delist any token that may have conflict with any laws or regulations, or unexpected risk factors involved.

EtherDelta has the right to refuse any token to be listed.

EtherDelta reserves the right of final explanation and interpretation for the above terms.

EtherDelta upholds the value of decentralization and will not charge any fee for token listing.

We cordially thank you for supporting EtherDelta and our future work.

Jan, 4th, 2018

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