This blog represents my first ever blog (Woo hoo!). Hopefully this will be the first of many. In fact this blog is long overdue so here goes. I became a father for the second time just over 18 months ago. Two beautiful girls (Rhiya 5 years & Esha 18 months). If you are a responsible man/parent it is true what they say “…your kids are your life”. My gorgeous wife recently suggested we should go for one more because she feels a baby boy is on the cards. My response was swift “I’m good”. I said let’s just do a Barack & Michelle Obama and rock with the two girls shall we. I’m not one to tempt or entice fate so I’m cool with the idea a Terry jr. did not materialise in my lifetime. It didn’t disrupt the plans of the first African-American president and look where that got him. Based on those odds I’d like to think I’m in good company. As long as my daughters end up as good individuals, and enjoy life and are happy, like I said before “I’m good”.

More to the point regarding fatherhood. As a fitness trainer myself I couldn’t image my life without fitness/exercise/workouts/training or whatever description you give it. I’m all over it in fact. At times I dread the idea of changing careers which would suggest sitting behind a desk for several hours or whatever office working people do. No offence office workers. Ok, I just awoke from my mini nightmare so back to the present! By definition exercise is defined as activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health & fitness. Another befitting definition I found defines exercise as an activity carried out for a specific purpose. Sorry ladies that doesn’t include walking while shopping. This little side note was pointed out by researchers from Bristol University in the U.K. Who wanted to make that point clear.

In terms of training I use my kids as my motivation to train hard and look my best. I’m hell bent on being healthy and leading by example. Playing with them, clowning with them, exercising with them etc. Plus I love the accolades I get from my oldest daughter as she tells all the teaches in her primary school her daddy is strong like spider-man. Yes girl! It’s even more impressive knowing she does not have a clue spider-man is my favourite comic hero. Moreover, my biggest phobia are spiders. The irony of life I tell you. In conclusion, I urge all fathers and mothers to find time in your daily lives to exercise of some sort for starters. It’s a game changer trust me. No matter the level of intensity if you’re new to it just get out there and start with something simple as a walk or short jog. Time your walk/jog based on distance to be more adventurous and go from there. Stay tuned for my next blog “Exercise v The unmotivated”. Until then as I always say stay fit & healthy. Peace!

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