Don’t Fear The Draft!

The hardest thing about writing a draft is proofreading it, of course! It is a draft, you know, full of mistakes, comma splices, too many adverbs, and run on sentences. You’ve got to pretty it up before you publish or you will catch all kinds of grief!

Ideas! Ha! They’re a dime a dozen. It’s correcting, organizing and punctuating all the information about your brilliant ideas that is tough. And spell-check! Don’t get me started. I can’t tell you how many times a totally inappropriate word (or three) has pooped into a perfect sentence and screwed it up! Whose idea was that anyway?

And there’s the all-important arrangement of your brilliant thoughts. Very critical. A necessary part of making certain your draft is ready for the big time.

All those genius facts, which support the above mentioned brilliant thoughts, must be placed in perfect order, one after the other, so that you convey exactly what the reader needs to know….or what you want them to know. Sometimes that’s not the same thing. Shhh!

Some folks have this draft writing and fixing thing down! They can just whip right through their initial document and before you know it, it’s finished. No ripping out of entire pages of work because it went nowhere. No cutting of dialogue that was only pointless drivel anyway. Thats because their piece was practically perfect to begin with. Honest! There are writers out there like that. I’m not one of them.

Now if this piece didn’t help you in any way to understand the importance of writing a draft and then re-writing it — multiple times, over and over again — until you just want to throw your writing device across the room….oops. Sorry.

So, if this piece didn’t help you come to terms with your draft, there are tons of bloggers who will sell you a course that can. In ten easy steps. I’m not one of those either. Yet.

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