I Miss My Brain

The life of a mom…

I miss my brain. The ability to complete a whole thought without factoring in other demands is a luxury these days. Let me explain…

I’m the go-to person, the one with the answers, the Jill-of-all-things, the Google maven, the fixer of broken toys and broken dreams. Or so it seems.

I listen without preaching, I preach without condemning, I condemn without thinking way too often. But no one hears. So I press on.

I support, I engage, I flatter, I rage. I’m thoughtful and caring, I’m roguish but not too daring. At least this time. I’m doing better. Maybe.

Spending time and endless days at the whim of someone’s way that’s not my own, I still keep my chin up, they see my grin up. I must be ok, right? Sure thing!

Probably not. My get-up-and-go is gone. Overworked and missing some important point I just can’t recall because I’m too full. Of other people’s what? I miss my brain. Definitely.

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