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“Shafir responds with a blank look. ‘Oh! You mean, just hand out more money? Sure, that would be great!’ He laughs.” …. Nooo, the good professor is being totally and willfully deceitful. He dishonestly sallies forth exclaiming the virtues — nay, the absolute necessity of implementing a universal/utopian system of ‘providing’ for the unquestionable benefit of mankind, an unearned, pre-established cash flow to nearly everyone. In studying and advocating the utopian collectivist’s ultimate manifesto — “Hand out Money”, he simply and with duplicitous intent declines to go back far enough in the essential two step economic process: … FIRST, we TAKE the money from some people, and THEN we “hand it out”! …… The ”TAKING” is, and forever will be — the quintessential imperative!

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