A Letter to the Sister fighting with her Man at 1:30 in the Morning on a Workday

He’s not the one

Hey sis. Do you mind if I call you that? Ok. So I wanted to reach out to you. I heard you the other night, really the morning, at 1:30 a.m. on a workday.

At first I paid you no mind, assuming that y’all were friends who were just coming home from a rowdy night out. I know how it gets on the weekends in Greektown. You were asking some pointed questions of a man that I assume was your beau, and another young lady in a parked car.

I scrambled to my window, which is directly above the parking circle where you and your people (are they really your people though?) were congregated. You seemed calm, at first, like you were trying to rationalize with the young man cooly leaned up against the other woman’s vehicle.

And then security came through, a white dude, so I know you knew it was time to go. He encouraged you all to clear out which, let’s be honest you needed to do. Things were getting heated. I could tell by the way your voice was elevating after each successive sentence that things were not, in fact, ok.

But that’s when the breakthrough came — the young lady who you’d been thinking was messing with your man? She leaned out of the window and matter-of-factly stated that this man, who during the course of your “conversation” was pretty mellow, had ate her *** and her *****. And it set you off.

You chased him, on the verge of tears, almost connecting some impactful swings. You shouted. You cried. I can only imagine how infuriated you must have been, but I was tired and trying to get some rest for work in the morning. This young man came up with the sorriest excuse that most people lean on when they are afraid of the truth.

“She’s lying”


If you have to question him (and her) like this in the early morning hours about their activity? You already have the answer you are looking for. You know he’s trash. He actually probably did eat her *** and her *****.

You are ignoring it. Trust me, I have been there. Shoving down the suspicions and ignoring the signs. Swallowing the pain with the hopes that one day he will act right.

He won’t.

You see Huma Abedin? She is *married*, and now separated, from a man who is a public figure that continually finds new ways shows his ass and disrespect their union. And she works for someone who will be the next president of the United States. It took him a few times, but she is finally cutting him loose. Learn from Huma. Let that man go.

His elbows are probably ashy anyway. He probably makes you get out of the car and pump your own gas. I guarantee he tried to make you feel crazy when you were on to his shit instead of being honest about what he actually wants. No, the other woman isn’t lying, he is, and you are lying to yourself if you believe for one second he is being straight with you. He’s not.




You will feel better when you do. Not right away, but eventually. And you’ll find someone who won’t make you want to punch him in the face in the middle of the traffic circle, at 1:30 in the morning on a workday.


Sis from the nth floor who was trying to get some sleep.

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