Colin Kaepernick, Social Justice Bae ™

It happened, last week, without warning:

Colin Kaepernick became Social Justice Bae ™.

I was scrolling the TL (my Twitter timeline to be exact), when word came down that he’d refused to stand for the national anthem during one of his games. That’s not anything too deep, but then I was alerted to check out his TL. I was taken aback with delight. I was all:

Kaep’s TL was full of retweets and thoughtful postings about the current issues facing black and brown people in America.

I knew the judgement shitstorm was brewing. I could feel the jersey burnings coming in my spirit. Mountain Dew Twitter was indeed BIG MAD. But in that moment, with him using his God-given right to take a stance about his beliefs, he transformed into Social Justice Bae ™, making me go from:

(my usual reaction about most sports)


(Me when I see a woke bae)

Before he was a wavy-headed pretty boy who played football and looked slightly like Big Bird. Now as Social Justice Bae ™, he’s grown his hair out , taken on a whole Shaza-Zulu-from-A-Different-World vibe — and I’m here for it. Kaep has joined the ranks of Jesse Williams in fine men who are also enlightened about social and political issues. The kind you can have an intelligent conversation with over dinner and still be blown away that said person is fine as frog’s hair.

He’s doing what a lot of other sports folks, black or otherwise, are not, which is taking an affirmative stance that everything is not alright in American society, particularly for black folks (*cough* Victor Cruz & Cam Newton, I’m looking at you).

It’s nice to see someone with an incredible amount of power and privilege (a millionaire biracial football player raised by white parents) take a stand about some of the most pressing issues facing people like him in this country. He shouldn’t necessarily get a cookie for it, I know, but it’s refreshing to see and I’ll be honest, it makes him more attractive than he already is. Bomani Jones has an incredibly moving piece in the Undefeated about why the stand Colin Kaepernick is right and just — but this right here? This is an ode to how good Kap looks while he’s demanding justice.

Love you, Social Justice Bae ™. Don’t ever change.

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