honeymoon lake superior

Lake Superior

i woke before daybreak. to catch a glimpse of burning orb shedding first light on pine and rock. nothing more, nothing less. smooth pebble at my feet. expensive leftovers pushed in my belly. plastic fork. bones, driftwood, cairn near. a stand. icicles reaching down. fingerless gloves. new wife asleep in wood-fired honeymoon suite. a truck locked, fogged; back opened, a bag of stone, some frozen beer. standing off a frosted wooden pathway close to breaking waves. silent still pause. vast lake, almost crystal. semaphore arms, “hello world,” “hello new morning,”… Just hello, not alone, but very. cold, frozen, metamorphic, stirring , lines— stirred soul. reason i am here. more morning, more of this. great beyond; halfway between. lake superior came with bells alerting pink thru a window, came lapping in the fore, touching solid rock and varied grade grain and my feet below me. here after the ceremony.