The infinite reasons why Scott Walker is the best thing to happen to the world

The best thing to happen to the world: Scott Walker

Perhaps, people are hating on the wrong person when they hate on Scott Walker. If one were to hack into my Facebook account they would find friends of mine, Wisconsinites, crying, balling their eyes out, vehemently excited and up-in-arms stirred-up, over their very own elected Governor, Mr. Scott Walker.

I find this hard to believe — the idea that so many people can be against something or someone without change. I mean, we all saw what happened to Hitler (I did not just compare Scott Walker to Hitler, it was merely a poor reference, and universal.). There has to be two sides to a story. So, I decided to do a little research, journalistic stylies!

After researching for about 5 seconds (I didn’t actually research, I just Googled to Wikipedia his name so I could see his title), I came to the conclusion that Scott Walker is truly the best candidate for Governor of Wisconsin, for the next president of the United States of America, and for the position of king, and honorable ruler of the entire world, free one included — respectively.

The reason for this belief is because people are writing so much bad shit about the guy that there is no way to actually find out if he is truly that bad in reality or not.

Of course we can see that people dislike the guy, but for what reasons? [I am not trying to be thick here, I am generally amused by this idea. Like, the-everyone-hates-him-so-I-do kind of mentality.]

I see it this way, if people disliked something or someone so much, and so many people think it is unacceptable, then why would the event or person, or act of electing such leadership happen?

Maybe he is a total jerk, or a complete moron. Maybe he is fucking people over. But I wouldn’t know that because everything in the media is so polarized, and seems so perfectly obvious — too obvious almost.

What if he is Jesus, and everyone hates him like they hated Jesus? Like, he is bat-shit crazy, I guess I should believe that now because everyone says it is true. Though, I think if someone isn’t doing their job, they probably might get fired. And it looks as though he is still employed as governor, and not looking around — well, sort of…

Furthermore, the more negative things there are written about a person, the more popular they become to the small group of individuals who pay to rule the world. Everyone knows his name like he’s the cast of Cheers, and who doesn’t like that jerk who is okay with being a jerk? Hey, he is being honest.

See, if Scott Walker appeased the masses, he would be labeled as a socialist or a communist, and because people think Obama is a socialist and a communist, that makes Scott Walker the perfect candidate to follow up Barack, as the Republicans see it. He is the Kryptonite to Superman, duh. Can anyone blame that political group for being sheisty, and completely logical? No. It is what we expect (far too obvious)!

Republicans need (NEED!) a leader that is the antithesis of the, perhaps, holier-than-thou democratic president who now occupies office (I am neutral on this topic, and as my fiancée does, I will not vote). They need a face that many people can hate in order to rile up support in donors and money — well, mostly money because that buys votes, and that is what is most important — power and profit, the ability to rule the entire world through means of being the richest people on the block, exclusively. It pisses one side off and makes another side happy, sort of.

Perhaps Scott Walker is a very nice guy, really cares about the masses of people — the middle and lower classes, and is attempting to make everyone healthy and happy and safe. But, he probably also enjoys being in the spotlight, and getting filthy fucking rich and powerful for good or bad reasons too. I mean, we are all human — hopefully.

For instance, if everyone loved Scott Walker then no one would talk about him. The more that people talk about him the more free publicity he gets. This is good for him and his party. This makes it easy for the extremely wealthy to promote him with household name value, and I am certain Scott Walker likes donor’s money more than he likes a bunch of unfortunate people crying about how bad he is.

If Scott Walker is so bad, Wisconsin, then recall him, or elect someone new. There is a system and a way of doing things; I am sure it works and it’s pretty old, so it’s tried and true. I don’t know, for all of the bitching and whining — and I am with you on this because maybe, or maybe not Scott Walker is a good or bad guy — there is nothing really being done about it, no other real candidates coming forward, and no other real solutions being presented. I don’t know, but if you do, give one?

So, the next time you start complaining about how much Scott Walker sucks and destroys everything important to you and your state, think about what you want to do to replace him and how you want to do it. Because when one bad motherfucker falls another bad motherfucker takes his place. And ever if there are a million reasons why Scott Walker is the worst, most horrible, hateful, uncaring person in the world, under-qualified and undeserving candidate for the job, there are infinite reasons why Scott Walker is the best thing to happen to the world as far as the whitest, richest, and most influential people of Wisconsin are concerned, of which I am not one.

This is apparent, I am just letting you know. Perhaps, if you want change make it, because complaining about it isn’t working. This is what Facebook tells me.

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