Vote for Yourself, America

Election season is taxing. In the most American way. For two years we as individuals forget ourselves, and in the most un-American way possible: we leave it up to others to decide our fates. We let destiny be chosen by a, what we assume, priceless vote — one which, perhaps, can express our voices exactly so, change the course of history…

Where we would take pride in the fight for self-ascension, we take pride in some feigned solace, at the chance to show that our candidate is the right candidate, our choice is the best. And yet our choice has nothing to do with us. Too often we rely on the words of others and not on the actions of ourselves. Too often we are complacent for hypocrisy, rose for sepia surrounding.

Election season is taxing in that it does not benefit the voter in a way that garners or warrants self-progression, self-belief, or self-sustainability. It shows that a majority is victorious only in the idea that the electoral college doesn’t exist, which it tangibly does. And this oligarchal act is for the sole purpose of others. Meant for that candidate that succeeds and representing the nation by fixing bets with a few in ivory towers. Handled money.

Election season taxes the voting citizen out of the citizen process, one who does and creates and cares to make a better place around them locally, and replaces that idea with subservient diligence to a national party which may or may not benefit the individual citizen in the long run. Who’s to tell?

Politics is taxing “I” out of individual; creating a blase bumbling mass of polemic fervor while distracting from the self that is. Politics is taxing, mentally and physically, and benefits few while dividing millions on party lines soon forgotten days after that ballot day in November. And it is not as though voting does not matter, but as if we as citizens matter more than believing in someone other than ourselves to solve the problems before us daily.

That’s why I say we stop relying on big names from big parties with big talk lacking big ideas and start relying on ourselves and our actions; it’s time to stop relying on empty promises from candidates backed by big corporate donors and start relying on real American citizens who live real American lives with gumption, passion, and pride for our country… Our word is our accountability, and our future is now in our actions. That is why I say vote for yourself, America. Vote for yourself in your actions.

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