Day two with the iPhone 6s Plus

So it’s day two with the new iPhone and here’s what I’ve learned. This thing is lightning fast!! I don’t mean it’s a little bit faster than the other one I mean this thing blazes. You can shift from app to app you can open apps you can open websites it does it in an amazing amount of time. I caught myself this morning after opening a website sitting here waiting for it to open and realized it was already up. The next thing that I love is the peak and pop feature I didn’t think that it would be that big a deal, but I do actually like it a lot it’s fun to use and it does come in handy we are trying to get to a step quicker. The other thing that I like is the hey Siri. I liked it before when it was plugged in but I love it now that no matter where i’m at, I can say hey Siri and it will take care of things for me. That actually is going to be very useful to me. I’ve been trying to go through my apps and see which ones I can do without even though I have the 128 gig phone, I still think that I could save some space. I have been looking to see what else the phone will do I haven’t been able to take lots of pictures yet but as soon as I do I will post some for people to see. I did take the picture that I posted on this article from my phone and it looks amazing.

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