Every time a hard drive gets down to 1.37G I get anxious. I don’t think its because I realized I’m running out of space but rather it’s because I know I have 2T of songs that will never one even one listener.

The musicians that don’t have this problem are not working hard enough. Mad love to you for your talent but let’s not kid ourselves bruh. What’s even more bizarre is the tools to reach our audiences are all in front of us but nobody’s listening.


The biggest mistakes I’ve made were when I thought I was too good for anybody. Don’t get me wrong. Please believe in yourself cause nobody else will if you don’t show sincere self confidence. Nevertheless, if you are murdering those streams or filling the airwaves, you got a real serious problem. I can sit in the studio all day and think I was king but that’s as big as my castle is. It’s not pretty.


The best inventions are often by geniuses who don’t claim to be. I have seen several highly successful individuals hide in the cover of diligence because anywhere else would be to bright and the attention distracts focus. You don’t need a reason to be good at what you say you are.


Resisting change is a hard effort. It’s painful to some but to most, it’s simple incomprehensible. Don’t expect to get paid to make music in 2016 because the next 17 year old DJ in his bedroom in Holland right now is taking a 1000 potential fans from you because he decided to upload his shit. That’s it. Don’t ask me I didn’t invent the wheel but i’m sure as hell not gonna re-invent it. The wheel is fine but the engine’s broken and that’s why it takes you 30 mins to get down the block. You are pushing the car when you’re suppose to drive it.

There’s an old saying:

If you can’t stand the heat get the f*** out the kitchen.

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