The Cancer That’s Killing Your Passion

Einstein probably never said it but it’s pretty meaningful

There’s a lot of ideas that are never spoken. There tons of ideas that sit away in storage with the notion that someone will pay for it someday. Yes, it’s admirable to have self confidence but there will come a time that you will realise the difference between a dream and 6am.

I’ve been a music producer for longer than my professional life. I have got to live out my dreams within the reasonable rehlm of satisfaction while also hiding in the shadows. It’s nice to sit behind other people’s success knowing you played a part in believing. However, like many others in my similar profession, there is a cancer that eats away at our very source of creativity. It is the subconscious knock in the back of your head that you have not made it yet.

Except for a 2% that live in the spotlight of celebrated success (50% of which is probably bogus), most creative people still have inaccessibility issues. They can’t find their audience for one or both reasons:

  1. Your shit is just not good enough
  2. You are going about it all wrong

Thinking out of the box is a pretty hard sale if you say you can repeat it 100% of the time. Even if you are capable of it, there is still the chance that people don’t appreciate it. So the solutions are as follows:

  1. Your shit is just not good enough… so find a way to get better by asking for help or teaming up with the right people. Often it’s as easy as communicating.
  2. You are going about it all wrong… and maybe it’s time to relook your approach by seeing if what you are offering people gives undeniable benefit.

The amount of time you spend waiting for something to happen is the amount of time you have wasted on getting there earlier so you can get over the fact that waiting for something to happen is a waste of your time because you set yourself at a different point of linear time.


This is how confident people feel. There is no query to fantasy and there is no doubt to what is an illusion. You feel like you were ready way prior to take on the task at hand and in that comfort you find the confidence to explore your creativity.

To get an idea of how important ideas are, imagine a world without none.

There comes a time when you will need to monetize for various reasons and the notion of being a “starving artist” is not pretty after a certain age. The point I am trying to make is that you don’t have to starve. You just can’t be greedy or lie to yourself.

Let’s look at what opportunities are in front of us:

  1. The Internet
  2. Social Applications
  3. Computers
  4. Strategic Information
  5. Access

The list can go on but let’s stop at these five for now.

The Internet

The Internet is our window to the world but you won’t smell the morning air if you don’t open it. With an open window comes dust and insects but that’s just seeking the negative. Welcome the world whether it is 1 follower or a million.

Social Applications

It’s getting passe to talk about social media so I won’t. But unless you’ve been living under a rock, social media is not going to make you famous overnight unless you’re searching for notoriety. Social media reach is a skill that you have to fine tune to grow a following that will build the traction you need to scale your brand awareness. If you aren’t using it correctly, keep practicing till you find what people like about you.


These computers are no joke. Don’t give yourself an excuse for not knowing not having a studio. I kid you not. Some of the best musicians today are tucked away in their bedrooms hacking away on a DAW before mom comes calling for dinner in 30 mins. If you are still running heavy legacy cost in production, it’s because you are holding onto to too much profit or you have inherited a dinosaur of a production technique. Much love if it’s making a profit for you.

Strategic Information

BIG DATA. It’s relatively new, google it, learn about it and start seeking answers.


When I looked closer to what was most important to creators, I found it was “access”. When I speak of access, I mean barriers to entry. In the music industry, it would be reaching your audience. Today, the preconceived notion that you need a label to co-sign your credibility is a pretty cute move. Likewise, it is easier to shift the responsibility of making it to someone else. This seems pretty hard when you have so much control over your own branding. Rather than live in the above mentioned rotation, find yourself partners/consultants that believe and share similar goals and chase your ideas till you run out of battery. Today, the internet has provided all the access we need, we just do not know it. We have doubt in the ability of tools provided to us because they are invisible.

Well so is music. We don’t have a problem there, do we?

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