DARK JEFFREY…So the story goes like this….you ever, get to know someone who’s a little off..That guy in class who by the window daydreaming and keeps to himself…Well Jeffrey, was that guy…Jeff never had it easy..his dad was a drunk, he never saw him much and he liked it that way..His mother was a little bit to much everywhere. If she ask Jeff for a favor he would drop everything on a dime and make her wishes come true…Anyway, Jeff thought he had a pretty well balanced life until one day where he lost his job…And of coarse lost his sweetheart on the same day…As freaked out as he was he called who else but his mom…informing her with the information she tells Jeff to meet her at her home..Jeffrey basically tells her, “mom, can you come to my house, I’m a little pissed off and right now driving is taking the edge off….She completely concurs…No problem baby… I’ll be there in an hour.. But the weird thing is, is that Jeffreys mom actually freaked out when she spoke to her son cause she knew Jeff didn’t have a girlfriend..

So…..She was needless to say, intrigued by what the hell was going on..

She calls Jeff but only gets his answering machine and request her good friend Page..A really good therapist..But specialises in Physiotherapy in the realm of Disturbia..High Stress PTSD all that good stuff..

A week goes by and Jeff starts to hear scratching noise underneath his kitchen table….But one thing Jeffrey doesn’t get is that he expected his sweetheart to be there for him in his time of need.

But Jeffrey didn’t realize the just cause you simply talk to a woman it doesn’t mean she’s your girlfriend…As you know Jeff was pretty much a shut in by know..

He didn’t work….His mind was playing tricks on him, hearing scratching sounds all over the kitchen area by this point..so he talk to his therapist Page. Who was pretty neutral in his everyday life but got him to figure out that he might need to tell himself that he’s not in the right hands with mother always around..

So one day Jeffrey tells Page, “Hi, Page I have to tell you, ever since if had problems happen the past couple months I’ve been hearing scratches in the kitchen..coming from underneath the tiles…, Weird huh?”.

She kindly tells Jeff when it happens again go right to the root of the problem..and check it out..

So Jeff complies and after his meeting starts to drive back home……

As he parks in his driveway he thinks..It’s been a while I haven’t seen mom. Maybe I should invite her over for supper..

As he walks in he right a way notices the scratching sounds in the kitchen..So remembering what his therapist said to him earlier..He goes right to the root of the problem..He starts with one tile, then 2, then 3 and 4, 5,6,7. And notices a really bad smell..

Not thinking twice about it he calls his mom but gets her voice mail, so he goes ahead and invites her for t-bones later for supper..

As he walks back to the kitchen, really wanting to know where the stench is coming from before his mom gets there..he realizes the when he ripped off the 9th tile he saw his mother’s head…

10th…the torso..

11th…the following…

So just remember that if your going through a bad time…

Be thankful your not as fucked up as Jeff..