The success of the IOST blockchain is an inseparable mixture of technological invention and community support. At the end of June we released the first version of the IOST test network, Everest 0.5. With the parameters of verifying the POB consensus mechanism, it has reached a peak of 8000 TPS in live environment testing, making Everest’s TPS 400 times faster than Ethereum and 8 times faster than EOS.

Since we were able to achieve our initial goals on the technological front, our core engineering team has committed to creating more content to explain our development thought processes and the various approaches we are taking to tackle the biggest challenges for the blockchain industry. …

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At IOST, we have been hard at work for the past year laying the foundation for an ultra-high TPS blockchain infrastructure capable of meeting the security and scalability needs of a decentralized economy. Our mission is to be the underlying architecture for the future of online service providers. On the eve of IOST’s testnet launch, we created an article to explain the 4 key principles of blockchain development that have guided IOST engineers throughout our research and development process.

  1. Developer tools are an integral part of growing a flourishing developer community
  2. Clean, readable code and organized documentation simplifies the development process and self-creates an efficient…

Terrence Wang

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