Another 4 years have passed

The Olympic games are supposed to be about the purity of athletic competion. The ideal being that sports should somehow transsend politics and human ego.

Yeah right!

It would be nice to think that, just qualifying for the games, would leave little time for anything else.

As far as the athletes themselves this maybe true. But behind every jock is army of supporters. (That sentence is so awkward I going to leave it be)

The point, I am stuggling to make, is that the games are all about politics and intrigue.

City walls were once torn down in honor of a olympic hero. The idea being, that said hero, would be the first to enter the city at that spot.

It is said, that a famous wrestler once threw a match. This was to enable his city to breach the defences of the city of his rival.

My family and I were living in Germany in 1972. Terrorists held athletes hostage. There was a shoot out, a bombing and much death.

It was all so very sad. I lost my dream of running the marathon that week. It became a fantasy I could no longer believe.

So, many four year clusters later and we are going to Rio.

Ever notices you can never get coverage of the events you want to see? I have 9005 chanels and all I can see is diving and water dancing/ballet and synchronized gymnastics with ribbons?

And who cares about most of these sports between olympics?

Tug of war was once a olympic game.

In the ancient games, athletes competed naked.

Oh, one thing about today’s cartoon. Notice, my crash dummy Ralph goes wee wee in the pool!

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