Another Star Wars nod.

What if there been no light sabers.

The ray guns, the space ships, aliens, and morality play in space. …all that had been done. The light sabers introduced a different elememt; the Samuri, and the Ronin. At least in my admitted limited scope.

How cool. Combine elements of modern technology, and the tradition of feudal Japan. All in a galaxy far far away.

In 1977 I wrote several parodies and cartoons concerning the space saga. None of any good, so of it lost to the rubbish heap. About the best I could come up with was substituting neon bulbs for lightsabers.

I love swashbucklers, rogues, prinesess, and sweeping adventures across star filled skies, high mountain plains, or wind swept oceans.

As far as I know, lightsabers are unique the Star Wars. As a katana is to the Knights of Japan, the Lazar swords are to the Jedi.

Getting dismembered? Really, that’s pretty horrid! But in the world long ago and far far away, no big deal. Just get fitted for a prosthesis and no one will even notice. All clean and uncomplicated.

I would fantasize about fencing and duels with blades, but to be truthful pull a knife and watch me run. Getting getting chopped up like a side dish is a fear I don’t want to face.

Maybe that is the appeal; to face ones fears. To persevere even when one is afraid.

Luke conquers his deepest fear. Takes on massive pain. And gives his daddy one last chance to turn to the light.

A fantastic dream played out with long knives made of light.