Cartooning is writting

And drawing

And frustrating

Bear with me. I am working on my drawning style. The other day I discovered doddling as a warm up. But that lead to, what I call the “Keep on trucking” school of cartooning.

Robert Crumb was a huge influence on me. His art work grips me. It’s the kind of stuff that catches the eye from across the room.

Somewhere I have an old black light poster of three guys walking while leaning way back. The caption reads “Keep on Trucking”.

To this day I don’t know what that means. Goggle search!

When I was finished with my latest drawing, I knew I had hit something. My style has changed.

But the transition is less than smooth. I redrew today’s cartoon several times. Including scetches. And still, I do not think it is right.

So why hit the publish button if I am not happy with my work.

I want to document the progress and, I hope, get some freed back.

My wife likes the second drawing. But, I suspect that is because she saw it first. She liked the gag when I first showed her the pencil sketch; the finished drawing she barely smiled.

So here it is. Time to move on.

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