Color me mutant

My wife scrunched her face up at first sight of tonight’s doodle. She called it monstrously abrupt.

I said thank you. If it catches the eye, if it encourages discussion and comments, I have reached my goal.

I do not want to offend. But, I do want responce. Both positive and negative.

Cheryl says I have too many nightmares. She also said it was better with color.

Here is the doodle in black and white. It is just too cool that I can have both images preserved on my phone. I can doodle in black ink, preserve the image and then color said image without fear of distorting the orgrinal.

This image came from a random doodle. That is to say I was just warming up; getting ready to paint.

The figure on the right just came together and something about it struck me. I wanted to take it further, larger and see what colors might pop out.

It turned out differently from where I thought I was going.

I have written stories that followed this pattern. As if the characters had taken over and changed the plot to suit their liking.

I might want to be careful with that confession; it could be used to lock me up.

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