Copping a Buzz

I might be a mean person, but those videos of people getting Tazed, send me to the floor laughing.

My cop buddy texted me, ‘Tazar training today’.

That’s a gold mine of cartoons! Text me jokes.

The training is called ‘Riding the lightning.’

A common gag is to yell out, “Don’t Taz me bro!”

I am cracking up just writting this. (What is wrong with me?)

“Do you guys still have to get ‘buzzed’ so that you know what it feels like?” I ask.

“It’s purely voluntary. I think you have to sign a release.”

“You think? You’ve never been Tazed? How you supposed to know what it feels like?”

“I can see it hurts! I don’t have to get shot to know that will hurt.”

Maybe it’s gallows humor, but I find this really funny. Something about volunteering for abuse.

I remember a video showing a news reporter demonstrating a bullet proof vest. The vest stops the bullet, but he feels the impact.

“Damn, that really hurts!” he starts yelling. He doubles over in pain. I double over roaring with laughter.

What did you expect? Dumbass!

How about baton training? Would getting beaten with sticks help one to better weld one in battle?”

I know friends in the Marines who had to go into a tent, filled with tear gas, and then remove their gas masks. What’s the point in that?

BTW I have seen flim of the tear gas tent training, I don’t think it’s very funny, just mean. However, if the guys in the tent had gone in willingly; that would have been funny.

Watching someone get Tazed in training, I’d pay to see that.

My cop buddy keeps threatening to take me for a ‘ride along.’ (I took a ride a long many years ago) I look forward to that, but I ain’t signing any releases.

“Don’t Taz me bro!”