Dogs are always a hit

Everytime I write a cartoon with a dog in it; I get a good response.

Big surprize, huh?

We love our mutts. Dogs are fun. Dogs make us feel good. They give unconditional love.

For the most part.

Our new dog had a hard puppyhood, he still will not let me touch him. That would seem to go against the very nature of a dog.

Or does it? What if a dog needs to learn to love? What if a neglected dog reaches a point from which it may not return? Touch will always be repulsive.

What if feral is the natural state of dogs and cats? As I said; what if love must be learned.

We have had litters of kittens that never learned to come near. I would come into the ‘kitten room’, in our house, feed them and try to pet them. Some never come near.

In 12 step recovery work, I have met many men and women who struggle with learning to accept love and affection. For some, touch is repulsive. This makes me sad to the point of rage. Everyone has varying degrees of the need for love. But, everyone needs some love.

Most dogs, if treated with kindness, will be happy, tail wagging, freindly, goofballs, who are always glad to see us. That feels good. It helps us believe in our own worth. We are all worth love.

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