Don’t you love it when ideas flow one after and other?

I have a thing for saxophones and innuendos right now. I did two screeches and one finished drawing. If people like half as much as I had fun doing them, I will be happy.

The thing I like about medium is that it reminds me of art class. The thing I hate about medium is that I reminds me of art class. Drama. Creative types tend to feel things stronger. We love deeper, laugh harder and cry longer. We report life. The beauty of a sunset, smile of a child, fear of the dark. We mix colors, words, and emotions always searching for the best way to discribe the world around us and between our ears.

They used to call it manic/depressive. The highs are great, the lows a nightmare; if we can indeed sleep.

I am told to just let things slide of my back, like water to a duck. In this my 60th year on this planet, I have learned to let go and let God fairly well. But, sometimes. …

Somethings, the lunacy of this world sends me into a rage. I must admit, I like anger; I am addicted to anger. This is a very bad thing. Rage gives me headaches, alienates people from me, and clouds my judgement. I want to kick things, strike out and smash, just like the Hulk! Usually, I can pray, take a deep breath and chill out until I can talk it out. Usually. Sometimes I forget and indulge in acting out. Even my dogs avoid me. This is rare these days. Normally, I just pout for a while and move on.

Once sanity returns there usually comes a wonderful burst of creativity. There are much better ways to get ideas.

My son once told me: “dad, you’re not that important.” and right, thank God! The sun will come up with our me. But, I will try to capture the rise in watercolors. As a child of God I am improtant, as are all my fellow humans. Just not any more improtant than any one else.

So, just for today, I will lighten up. Just for today I will let strife slide of my back. Tomorrow has worries of it’s own.

Thanks for letting me rant.