Edna has been quiet

Not silent just quiet

What were there, 12 muses in Greek mythology? Edna the crash dummy is mine. And of late, she has been quiet. A while back, I pulled out my sketch pad and warmed up with a doodle. I liked what happened on the page. So, I inked it and colored it and Shaded it. I ended up with a piece that had nothing to do with the crash dummies.

Edna would have raised an eyebrow but she does not have eyebrows.

“Inspire me with a pun,” I emplored of her, “a play on words, a gag, something funny about relationships, something.”

“You have creative issues, you need to work them out.”

“Bullshit! I am not undergoing artist angst, I just discovered a new expressive outlet.”

“Doodling? That’s what kept you off the honor roll on school.”

“Yeah,” I don’t like where this is going, “I just don’t hear you right now.”

“When you are ready, you will listen.”

“So, now you are Yoda?”

“Ah, sarcasm; the lowest form of humor.”

I grab up my sketch pad. Mindless doodles.

Fade to blurry grey.