Festival Americana

The day of the dead. All holows eve. Hollween, trick or treat, harvest time. The first holiday of the season. Haunted houses, candy, corn mazes, costumes, and slasher/horror flims.

Is there another more festive time, without a day off, on our calender?

And why is Dia de Los Muertos not a bigger deal? In my city, Cenco de Mayo is huge. There is a parade, blocked off city streets, dances, and general fun.

I understand, Cenco de Mayo, it is not a big deal in Mexico. Nor, is St. Patrick’s day in Ireland. Only in America.

Dad was in the Air Force and we lived in Germany a number of years.

October fest is huge. Little leather pants, beer, ompa bands, beer, bratwurst, beer, silly traditions and did I mention…Beer!?

I think we have plenty of harvest time traditions as is, but the idea of remembering and honoring those who have passed appeals to me. I want to celebrate the life of my dad. Who was a good guy. A guy I miss. I just hope he heard me say thanks papa.

Happy day of the dead y’all!!