First from new laptop

They got me a new laptop for Father’s day. That was my goodie from my bonus from last March.

The whole bonus thing sends me on a tirade, but that is a rant for another time.

Getting the laptop, is like learning to use a computer all over again. In 1996 I was home bond due to a bad accedent. While I recovered at home I learned to work our new PC.

Windows 95! It was the big deal! All the things you could do! It was a revolution! I had plenty of time on my hands and lots of pain meds.

I loved the drop boxes. They had a title called “about”. That being an article about whatever program I was learning.

I got pretty good. Sorta. I could play games keep a journal.

Then there was the “Information Superhyway”. Just imagine, at the click of a “mouse” one could get info about almost anything. As long as one had twenty minutes of download time, enough minutes of Internet time left for the month, and enough memory in one’s computer.

These days, my Laptop is all but useless with our WIFI.

I learned to hook up a drive inside my “tower”. I even fancied Going back to school and becoming a tech. But one thing about computers and such is as true now as it was then: anything you buy in the store is obsolete by the time you get it home.

How did we go from windows 95 to windows 10?

If I had told 1996 self that I would be writing this on my phone, I would have thought I had not stooped drinking in time.

But, back in the early 1970s there was a group of comic books by Jack Kirby. In these illustrated stories he introduced the ‘motherbox’. A device that monitored all things about person’s health; heart rate, blood pressure, and sales ratings.

My ‘motherbox’ sends me weekly emails about my workout summary and a while lot of other health shit I ignore.

Mother also reminds me of appointments and wakes me up for work.

It is a strange and wonderful world we live in.