I do not even know what to say here. That’s never stopped me before.

I gave my guns to my son. If I want to go to the target range I will go with him. I do not need them any more. Fact is, I never did need them.

All I ever had was a shotgun and rifle. I once owned a hand gun, but I gave it up a long time ago.

I am not anti gun, nor do I see the need to have a private Arsenal in my home. If ever I should need firepower, it would be too late by the time I got them out of lockup.

I used to hunt. But, to be honest I lost my taste for it. And, as far as defending myself, I think I would get so fumble fingered, in an emergency, I would likely shoot my own foot off.

For a while, it was suggested we take classes in concealed carry. This to protect our recovery group.

After the horror of the church shooting in Charleston I thought about it. But, again, I think I would do more harm than good.

So, as is my way, when there is a huge scary subject to debate, I just make a joke and move on. Not that this is a subject to ridicule. But, bigger minds than me have debated this subject into the ground.

Next I will take on something easy, like legalizing pot — opps! Too late.