Get it, get it, get it Girl!

I wanted a gag with Edna and her pup Sassy. I thought a game of fetch with the center of balance symbol would be funny. Then, as I drew it I thought that if Edna had somehow got her own symbol mixed up with the tennis ball… well it was fun to draw.

I like the suggestion that something naughty is happening. (Nudity?)

But really, it is just silly and a tad absurd.

Still, it made Cheryl laugh and I live to make her laugh. She is a tough crowd. She usually says, “cute”. When I show her a gag. She is trying to be nice. It means anything from, it’s ok, to it is “cute”. When she does laugh, I feel all giddy inside. When she frowns and says “naa..” I wonder why I am doing this silly hobby.

Then someone comments, “I needed a smile this morning, thanks.”

That makes it all worth while.

My son recently slipped up. He said he follows and tells his friends about my drawings. He likes my stuff, sometimes, but keeps it to himself.

Family, sometimes, is a hazard we are born into. It’s even more frustrating with the family we make.

But dogs are steadfast and loyal. They do not play games. You know if they like you. You know if they do not. Sassy likes to play fetch because it pleases Edna. That hedges on codependency. But, she’s a dog, it is okay.

Excuse me, I have to feed my mutts.