Happy Blue Year

In this coming year, I resolve to put others before myself.

I like the feeling I get when I put aside my own selfishness and focus on the needs of others. When I forget all the pittiness and self serving drama that is my nature; I become free of negative energies. Forgotten is the arthritis in my hands, the pain in my hip, and the spasms in my back.

The pursuit of altruism is the best medicine I know.

A young man I work with was having a hard time. He was struggling with depression and the new medication his doctor had prescribed. I found him hunched over in the locker room. He looked sick and afraid. We chatted and I gave him my cell number. I told him it might take awhile until he and his doctor found the right treatment. I tried to express an attitude of kindness, understanding and acceptance.

One of the perks of my age, (60ish) is I am the same age as the parents of most of my fellows. They assume I am wize and experienced. This assumption (true or not) can help others. I always felt better when my Dad told me things would be okay. So, being an old guy can be a really good thing. I love being a “big brother”.

As we left the job for the week, he thanked me for talking with him. That felt really good. I want to feel like that more often.

A co-worker of one of my closest friends, was hurt, on the job, this morning.

My friend called out for prayers. He went to the hospital to visit the co-worker. That is his nature, the needs of others come before his own needs. He would be embarrassed if he knew I was writing this. He is a kind man, not for self gain, but because it is the right thing to do.

I resolve to put others ahead of myself. I resolve to feed my pests before I eat. I resolve to listen to others with both ears. (Usually, I am just awaiting my chance to talk).

I resolve to be less judgemental and more accepting.

I resolve to not be sarcastic. (Yeah, right!)

I resolve to be more empathic.

I resolve to accept silence and enjoy the company of others without trying to fill every minute with meaningless chatter.

I resolve not to try to ‘fix’ others. My co-worker has not called. I pray he is okay. I will leave his recovery in his hands. I will ask how he is doing. I will tell him about my recovery group. But I will not nag or hound him.

I resolve to not write long lists showing how noble I am.

Let us all resolve to be kinder, less rude and more gentle. Let us change the world thru little acts of love. A smile, a open ear and willingness to just be there.

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