Hemingway pun#2

This is my 2nd gag about the old man and the sea.

Is there another way to use the letter/word C/See?

Oh yeah the ocean, new pun in progress…wait! Ernest Hemingway already did that… but that was his short book, not a pun.

Sometimes I have way too much fun with a pun.

But I ain’t done. There should be another joke. If I can get it written before Monday.

Monday, I go on vavcation. We are going to California, Saddle back church; Celebrate Recovery summit.

That means a week away from my wife (lucky girl), and dogs. It will be a week with my dearest friends, leaders from Celebrate Recovery (CR). Close quarters is not always easy. Prayers appreciated.

I plan on keeping a journal. But, I understand there will be little free time.

That third joke will be crawling in my head, awaiting birth, along with a dozen other gags. But even if I realize the punchline, will I be able to draw it up?

The trip is taking me out of my comfort zone, as well as my state. But, such is what happens when we serve God. This conference will be about helping the lost, the adducted, the lonely. People who are, as I once was.

I put this gag out on facebook, a friend said I was disrespecting Hemingway, I hope she was kidding. Our weekly CR meeting is tonight, I am looking forward to chatting with her about Poppa.

He should have been in CR. Think of the stories he could have written if he had been sober!

He once said something about writting drunk, editing sober. During my drunk days anything I wrote or drew came out as incoherent gibberish.

I’m grateful for my soberity, I am grateful for Medium; an outlet for my gags. These are gifts from God/My higher power or how ever we understand him/her. Not to use said gifts is wasteful and a sin.

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