Here we go again

I like continuing themes. The thread that binds.

A running gag. Edna will return, with the rest of the digits of our numeric system, over time.

We are not above using old systems, if it suits the gag.

Which brings up the roman numeral ststem. Why was this taught in school? This knowledge, only came in useful when trying to figure the date on old movies. The credits would roll and there would be a long mysterious set of roman numerals. (If, you were as werid as I and stayed to the end of the movie.) Other than that, who cares. Sometimes, I have seem roman numerals on government buildings, but I haven’t a clue as to why. I was taught to use roman numerals in writing an outline for a term paper, and then regular numbers, and then letters of the alphabet. I was taught a lot of useless BS, and still do not know why.

Which brings up the study of the Greek and Roman gods. They tried to make it palatable by calling it mythology, but it was the religion of the Roman empire.

I guess it was about literature, morality plays, the birth of western culture, lititure and so forth. At the time I just did not get it. Further more, some of the stories were just distribing. Zeus was a rapist. Hercules killed his family in a drunken rage. Fine thing to study in middle school. No wonder I have so many of us have messed up ideas about sex, relationships, and mind altering substances.

For that matter, some of the stuff in Shakespeare is messed up. We might as well read Stephen King as School curriculum.

Unlike me, Edna does not over think stupid shit. If it’s fun for her, that’s all the reason she needs. I should be more like Edna.

She likes to do number impressions cause it’s corny and it makes us laugh. I like it because I can hear her giggle.

If that sounds messed up blame our school system.