Holding resentments, is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die. — Recovery slogan

There are a couple of variations of this cliche’. But, for me, it refers to having anger towards someone else.

Forgiveness is not a stamp of approval. We must face the consequences of our actions.

I once sent a dozen cartoons to my favorite biker magizine. I was hesitant send them my work. The stuff they published was not very good. It would have been embarrassing to be printed there.

But, guess what? They sent me a rejection slip, “we have to turn back a lot of rightous stuff.” No way! How dare they…. I quit reading their rag, and quit drawing for years. They did not come knocking on my door. They did not beg me to renew my subscription. And no one, not even my wife, noticed I quit drawing.

All that waisted energy. I draw, I write, because I enjoy it. That should be enough. But, as a former class clown, I need an audience. Feedback, comments, just keep it positive, because I resent criticism.

Resentments kill more alcoholics than anything else. A friend calls it ‘drinking AT’ someone else. As in getting mad AT someone else.

“I’ll teach you a lesson, I’ll drink myself puking sick! That’ll show you.” if this seems foolish, be greatful, if it seems normal; consult your local 12-step program.

The bible says, to show kindness to an enemy is to heap coals on their head.

Sounds good to me. Thanks for letting me rant. I feel better.