Hot potato

Baseball and Football seasons overlap. There is something very un-American about that. Baseball is supposed to be a summer game. It is slow, hot, boring. But, in 100 degree heat, the air thick with humidity, that is an attribute. When the leaves fall, we should hang up the mitts until spring.

I never was never big on sports. Nor was I a good athlete. Sports were fun, I loved pick up games, but I did not take them very seriously.

But, I love the drama. Most of life is routine, dull and quite frankly, it bores me too tears. I used to pray the space poeple would abduct me!

Pro wrestling knows this. It goes so overboard the fans want to believe.

My team lost today. I hung on until the end. ..because I wanted to believe. Basicly, the game was in the bag with 5 minutes left, maybe even by the fourth quarter. But, I hung on. I wanted to have something to talk about at work. Something to be passionate about and yet something that does not matter.

I do not wear my jersey on Friday. I do not get gloomy on Monday if they lose. Taking the game too seriously makes it a chore. I have plenty of chores during the work week.

I have too close now and write my shopping list.

I gotta remember to stock up on my lucky popcorn for next week’s game.