I am still influanced Mad magazine

I loved Mad magazine when I was a school kid. It was considered a tad risque. Mom would frown when she caught me reading it. But, at least I was reading. (I struggled with reading skills and I still read show)

The overall theme of the periodical was a rather gentle rebellion of the conventional norm.

The war in veitnam just continued on and on, and no one knew why. Our president was ridiculed as a buffoon. In general; the inmates seemed to be running the show.

It seemed to me that the world was absurd and just plain foolish. Mad seemed to illustrate this point. The only thing that made sense was to make fun of everything.

One of the running themes was how would an art piece be expressed by an artist working outside of their genre.

What if Alfred Hitchcock had directed the “Ten Commandments.”

I’ll admit, other than the mustache, there is very little in this painting of Salvador Dali. But I think I made my joke.

Next. Pablo Picasso goes fishing on Lake Van Gogh.

Or, Bob Ross paints happy little trees with the leaves in the style of Van Gough.

I own three tee shirts with “Stary night” back ground.

One with a star wars storm trooper. The second with a space shuttle, and the third with batman.

Kinda thinking out of the box, maybe, a lot of fun four sure.