I have not stopped cartooning I have been exploring. Studying, and busy

Hey Jack Herlocker I wanted to respond to your responce but apparently medium only allows one response.

My email is on my profile. Feel free to use it, I have enjoyed our personal correspondence in the past.

There has been a lot of things going on in my life. Getting to the drawing board has been difficult, and when I do get there I have felt compelled to explore what I call Cartoon Surrealism, ok, I have been devolping my doodles;

Plus, I have been working on a outreach program in my recovery program.

Then, there was a series of headaches which left me in a fog.

Lastly, I lost inspiration. No gags were coming to me. Such is the phases of the artistic mind.

I heard a real good one today. Off to the drawing board I go.

Thanks for the kick start Jack. And I really like your “Conversations with my wife” series. Keep ‘em coming.