I just don’t get it!

I have studied humor my whole life. I just don’t get what passes for funny these days.

Sound like an old codger. The fact I wound use a word like codger makes me one.

I browsed a copy of the latest MAD magizine. I hardly reconized it. It used to be a kinda pulp magizine, black and white, color on the cover only. The thing I picked up was computer augmented, colored, glossy, obviously aimed at today’s middle school kids. (As it was in my day.) But now, it seems a compromise, a sellout. It is trying so hard to be relevant, that it is missing the point of it’s own existence; humor from a viewpoint of sardonic wit and satire. It felt like someone had rewritten Hamlet’s soliloquy.

“To be or “F” it all, Dude!”

(do people still say ‘dude’?)

When someone gives me a suggestion for a cartoon, I go onto a tiny panic Nothing is harder than, putting on paper, someone else’s idea. When I show them my interpretation of their idea and get that frozen fake smile; I know I have come up short. But, worst yet is when I think their idea is NOT funny.

A buddy suggests;

“Two dummies talking. The first says , ‘I am talking to spirts,’ the seconds says, ‘no you’re not, you idiot, that’s your magic 8 ball.’ Funny huh?”

No, a bit mean, not even a humorous come back, I don’t get it.

But, my friend is a fan, of sorts, and being the people pleaser I am, I try to draw it up; as he suggested.

I scan it into my computer chance the wording a bit to get a gag I can live with, as you see here.

The orgrinal, I put in a large envolope and give to my friend. He crows with joy upon seeing it. I am happy. I kinda feel like a hooker but I am glad to give a smile to a friend. I just hope he does not post it on the bulletin board.

So, my Medium friends, if you have a suggestion, or idea for my crash dummies, feel free to send then my way. I will do with them what I can. All writer’s know the story takes on a life of it’s own. The dummies are smarter than I.

And thank you in advance.