I love ketchup

Ode to a condiment

I like ketchup

I hope that’s ok

If you really don’t like it

Just turn your eyes away

Bad poetry. I admit it. All my life I have taken grief over pouring ketchup on food.

Eggs, Burgers, and especially fried taters. Even peanut butter!!!!

We would meet at the fast food place, after Taekwondo class. Pooling our money to buy a large fries. Sharing it with three or more students. Keep your ketchup in a separate pool. The tall thin girl is not found of it. But I married her anyway and after 37 years, if she goes shopping alone, she always forgets my ketchup! If that is a complaint, I live a very good life! Bit I wish the tall girl would remember, for me, ketchup I’d a food staple!

My mom was critical of my use of it, yet, she always bought a bottle each trip.

Poppa used to poke a knife down the glass neck to aid the slow pour rate. There was a brand name that used the slow pour as a bragging point. They even used Carly Simon’s, “Anticipation” as an advertising theme song. These days, all bottles are plastic and can be squeezed. How are kids supposed to learn to be patient.

And beware of cafes that water down their ketchup. Splat, big puddle of red on your plate.

I let my dogs lick my plate when I am finished eatting. My dogs live a spoiled life. But they never touch the red paste. Finicky little snots!

I like hot sauce, steak sauce, wasabi, and soy sauce. But, if I have only one choice I like ketchup. Second choice mustard. Mix them together, hotdogs heaven.

I a confess to a terrible sin; I put ketchup and mustard on hotdogs. I have nearly come to blows over this at picnics. Well, there was beer involved, go figure.

I am suddenly very hungry, thanks for playing along.