I want to Believe!!!

This one has two of my favorite subjects; Crash dummies and Aliens.

A couple years ago, I visited Rosewell. We went to the UFO museum. Kind of a tourist trap big on hope, short on exhibits. I was hoping for a recovered Flux transducer drive. Or maybe an alien skeleton.I suspect the government is hiding all that in area 51.

I love a good conspiracy theory. But, I do not believe in UFOs. I want to believe but I just can not buy into it.

I was most amazed to listen to the people around me. Well, okay, I was eavesdropping. Some of these folks really believe. I had a hard time not snickering. In the center of the building is a life size mock up of a flying saucer and alien dummies. We all posed for pictures, I even took shots for fellow tourist.

It was a great time. Forgive me for being cynical true believers, but come on; take it with a grain of salt.

Still, I want to believe. I want to believe there is a kind and benevolent, advanced race that will come help us. Or, at least take us for a ride to Alpha Exodon 4.