If I can’t be orgrinal, I will be different.

This one jumped into my head while I was reminiscing. A friend had a poster on his room of a melting face. The caption said “stoned again”.

Now that I think of it, this gag is reminiscence of Salvador Dali’s “ the Persistence of time” you know, the melting clocks painting.

Someone once said, “ I am as many faces as I have known, plus one.”

Not a rip off, at least not intentionally, but this it was definitely inspired by other works I have admired.

You know how I love a pun.

But, as I drew it I began to feel uneasy. I volenteer in a 12 step recovery movement. Many of the folks I call my forever family are recovering addicts, including myself. It might send the wrong message.

Then again, I do tend to overthink things. Anyone who relapses over a cartoon should concider an isolated rehab.

Still, I do not want to seem insensitive. Dealing with people in early soberity is like hearding cats. And, no cat goes anywhere he does not want to go. Unless you put him in a cat carrier; a box!

I wish it were that easy.