Texting has hit a new high in lows when a person can’t even enjoy a walk on the beach without…
Jerry Nelson

In the old days, when telephones had yet to be invented, the general store served as the center of communication.

It was here that folks would come to resupply. Dry goods, tools, and such. But, a forgotten aspect was the human connection. People did not just come in to but stuff and go home. They also came to here the latest news.

Who just had a baby? Who married whom? Did you hear about the new folks who bought the Ferguson place?

In some stores, a chalk broad was hung for people to write messages. The intended recipient of said messages might not see the board for days. This is how I like to think of texting. Messages hanging in cyber space just waiting for me to get around to reading it, in my own good time.

But, it ain’t how it works. I am as big an addict as anyone. My phone buzzes, I gotta answer. After all, someone might need to talk to me. As a member of AA someone’s soberity might depend on me answering right away!!!

Bullshit! I ain’t that important. It will wait. If someone is standing on a ledge they can call. And I better not be their only contact.

In other words, the arguments I make, to excuse my exaggerated feelings of self-importance, are nothing but a smoke screen covering the fact that I am addicted to my phone. I need to either learn to limit my cell phone time, or learn to live without it completely.

I hope so. Because I really enjoy exchanging thoughts. So, I can not loose connection with myself and my surroundings, just because I am too busy connecting with someone else.

Excuse me now. I am going to shut this thing off and meet a friend.

Thanks Jerry, I really enjoy these exercises.