Job Site

I go to Job Sites every work day. I deliver water and sewer pipe.

It is a very dysty, busy, seemingly chaotic, frustrating place. All the piping is installed first. I usually come on site when it is a plowed, scraped and stomped over dirt field.

In wet weather a job site becomes a mud slide. I try to stay on the tracks of vehicles that have already passed through. That gives me the best chance of avoiding…difficulties. But not always.

Climbing out of the cab, I pull on my safety vest and hard hat. I have had more than my share of run ins with the keepers of the safety rules.

“Don’t get out if your truck without your hard hat, vest, safety glasses, gloves, and prophylactic.”

They tend to be overtly officious and blown up with a sense of their own importance. Granted, they have a hard job, we of the construction type do not like to be pushed around. We push back.

But this gag is about finding out that the patients are running the asylum. The old joke of the shop teacher with an eye patch and prosthetic hand.

A Crash dummy overseeing our safety? That would have to be disconcerting in the least.

I love putting Ralph in the rolls he should not be holding:

Driving instructor

Truck driver trainer

Flight instructor

Got any suggestions? I am always looking for ideas.